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100 Mile Yard Sale Tour 

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Downtown Perry Business or Vendor Location 

What days do you plan on participating in?

The Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale Master List Registration is OPEN!!!


PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT ONCE!! Not everyone will get an email confirmation and sometimes it goes to spam. If you add it more than once it adds a lot of work for us cleaning it up right before the sale.

If you get to the end and hit submit and it says it is submitted, please do not message us to see if it went thru. We are a very small volunteer crew and searching for your address is almost impossible with hundreds of sales. We just have limited manpower, and we work busy full-time jobs.

If your town is not listed for your address but you are super close to the sale area, you can add it in "other" but please add the info to your description of the sale and we will take them on a case-by-case basis. For example, we have had people reach out that have a Tulsa address but are in the Sand Springs school district.

The official sale dates are May 3-4 but there is an option in the form to add other days.

If you must cancel your sale, we need to know by April 30th at the latest to remove you. Every year we have people cancel and not notify anyone and there are super mad shoppers driving around looking for the sale. Please DON'T be that person!

The deadline to enter is April 30th.

The yard sale FAQ's are pinned in the featured section of the group at the top. Most of your questions will be answered there. If you have other questions you can text (preferred due to work hours) or call 918-285-9242. You can also email

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! We are very excited for this year's sale!!

Register with the 100 Mile Garage Sale:

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