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Main Street of Perry Partners

Preserving, empowering, growing downtown Perry. Join our mission! 

Platinum Partners:

DitchWitch-Logo-CMYK (1).png

Gold Partners:

Karen Wilcox 
Stephenson, Baggs, & Guthrie Commercial Insurance


Silver Partners:

Red Earth D'Signs 
Yankee Dime 
Foster Corner Drug 
Perry Family Dental 
Sister Spirits of Perry 
Angie Drake 

Laura Beers 

Perry Lions Club 

Zach & Carrie Hall

Parrish Electric 

Linda Kindschi

Matt & Melanie McGuire

Verna Skouby

Vickie Brown Beier 

Shan & Alisha Kirtley

Kemnitz Sinclair Station 

Bart Brorsen

Mike & Donna Kapka

J & J Solutions

Kay Electric

Mike & Mignon Bolay

LMS Products

Trout Funeral Home

Wilda Eyecare

Mason or Elise Bolay 

Larry & Claudia Pannell 

Norma & Lyle Jerome

Adventures with Ann

611 Bakehouse

Hair Naturally 

Perry Veterinary Hospital 


Kevin & April Bond

Connelly Wade

Mike & Dixie Johnson

Marilyn & John Stroup

Jon Alexander

Stephen & Shelbi Duke

Nicholas Davis

Sethca, LLC Land & Cattle 

Marilyn & Leonard Branen 

Randy & Cindy Hughey 

Danette Marshal

Thorn Originals

Juana Hall 

Brorsen Bluestem

Perry Alumni Association

Cody & April Sewell

Perry Tag Agency

Hulet Plumbing Inc.

Stillwater Medical Center

Carnegie Library Progress Club

Gwen & Blaine Easter

Haleigh Collins Law PLLC

Cedar Street Boutique

Maroon Nutrition

Powers Abstract 

Bronze Partners:

Friend of Main Street: 

Zack & Karly Rupp

Ladies Tuesday Club 

Kristen & Rod McCaul 

Wes & Haley Brorsen 

Carmen Lowe

Peggy Haxton

Perry Paint & Body Shop

Brent's Paint & Body Shop

Frank Barry

Bill & Cheryl Dejager

Dvorak Farms 

Kelli Smith

Connie & Corey Smith

Valerie Norman

Kevin & Shelly Wiley

Brent & Gina Bolay 

Full Line Travel

Mike & Ann Umstead

Howard & Kaye Bond

Wilma Bezdicek

Landon Rogers

Mike and Guyla Workman 

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